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Vila de Jericoacoara, CE, Brazil | |

+55 88 99922 2614 | 99971 3330

In MH Kiteschool all instructors are passionate about kitesurfing and in a very special way they transmit that passion to their students. During lessons the concern with the development of the student, your motivation and safety are routine for them where they constant search for new knowledge and improvements  


The team are qualified and certified by ABK (Brazilian Association of Kitesurf) and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) to teach from basic to advanced level of students.


Brazilian, from São Paulo, Marcio came to Jeri in 2002 in search of a new way of life. After he started kitesurf in 2005 he has been devoting himself wholeheartedly to the sport, always looking for safety and fun.Languages: Portuguese, English

- ABK Examiner

– instructor since 2007,

- Certifide by ABK  - ID 362

- Certifide by IKO nível 2 Senior - ID 8572

more than 2.000 hour lessons


Brazilian, our female representative Lu is passionate about downwind and besides kite lessons she is specialize in downwind guide.Languages: Portuguese and English

- Certifide by ABK - ID 613

kitesurf instructor and Downwind guide


A Brazilian native of Camocim, town close to Jeri ,Juninho,is passionate about kitesurfing.Languages: Portuguese, EnglishBasic: Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Hebrew and anything else you might remember.

- Certificate by ABK (Brazilian Kitesurf Associtation) - ID 388