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If your desire is to travel to a place where you will be guaranteed good wind for kitesurfing and at the same time great options for tours, food, lodging and other services be sure to visit Jericoacoara.


In addition to all the natural attractions Jeri today is considered one of the best spots for the practice kitesurf in the world due to its constant winds that blow throughout the summer season in northeastern Brazil (July to February).


Its winds reach an average of 23-27 knots almost daily providing sports lovers unforgettable days of sailing. For beginners who want to learn kitesurfing MH Kiteschool located in Jeri is perfect to meet your needs.


The school office is in Jericoacoara, at the Pousada Bella Jeri and the school is located in Prea.

There are also the famous Downwinds that can be practiced in Jeri. Operator Jeri Off Road specializes in expeditions in partnership with MH Kiteschool have developed the Kitesurfaris, expeditions focused on Kitesurf.


The village of Jericoacoara is approximately 320 kilometers from Fortaleza and is located within the Jericoacoara National Park. Its access is possible only by 4x4 vehicles, because it is located inside a national park with no roads or streets that arrive directly to the place, the only access is by the beach or crossing the dunes of the park. Therefore, it is best to make the trip, from Fortaleza, in comfortable 4x4 with air conditioning. The embarkation and disembarkation are carried out in the place and at the desired time. The route can be done by the highway in four hours and thirty minutes or by the beaches that takes the whole day. The scenery is dreamy: endless beaches, lakes, restingas and dunes that can reach up to 30 meters in height.