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Our Courses

In the curriculum of the MH Kiteschool is emphasized all aspects of knowledge of the sport and the development of practical skills. We know that knowledge combined with safe practice is the best way to create a very solid base of sport with our students in order to get independent and safe sailors who will be ready for the sport.

Our philosophy is to form riders, athletes well prepared, with great knowledge of the sport who are practicing the Kitesurf around the world with heavy security, knowledge and self-confidence.    


If you are NOT one of those people who REALLY want to learn kitesurfing properly the MH Kiteschool certainly WON´T be your best choice.

Beginner Courses - 9 hours with private lessons

This course has been specifically designed to meet our students who dream of practicing the Kitesurf but have not yet had the chance to start in the sport.    


For those students created a well-done focused primarily on TRAINING the STUDENT TO BECAME KITE SAILOR. In this program we work all the basics of the sport starting with information about all the factors that will influence directly or indirectly in the practice of kitesurfing, equipment, control exercises and the first exercises with the Board.

Scheduled Program
  • General knowledge: meteorology, winds and tides
  • Management Risk

  • Assessment Risk

  • Equipment - setup on the beach

  • Safety system

  • Launch and Land

  • Kite Control - 1 and 2 hands

  • Walk with flying Kite​

  • Get in and out of the water with the kite

  • Right of Way
  • Self rescue

  • Learning how to generate power moving the kite

  • Body Drag downwind

  • Body Drag upwind

  • Body Drag with the board

  • Theory of water start

  • Water start

  • Ridr first meters in both side.

we have a exclusive channel of communication for your students to ask questions about the sport, equipment, security etc.

In addition to all the above mentioned we will also deliver a digital material specially developed for deepening the knowledge of the sport and your understanding. This material will be available only to those students of the Beginner course complete with a minimum of 9:00.  


  • Textbook on general knowledge: meteorology, winds and tides

  • Handout about Risk Management

  • checklist

  • information on equipment and maintenance

  • Right of Way



minimum of  2 hours a day

This module was structured to meet all the people who started kitesurfing but are not yet ready to be become independent. We we will initially evaluate kiteschool MH what was your previous experience, if during your learning some information was overlooked or has not been understood and we will from that point.    


Our classes are structured and customized to meet your needs, focusing a lot on information, content and safety. Here are all the points we can work, everything will depend on the previously learned knowledge or the lack of it possible

  • Equipment - safe way to setup on the beach
  • Assessment Risk
  • Launch and Land

  • Safety system

  • Self Rescue

  • Water Start Theory

  • Riding

  • Riding upwind

  • Transition

  • Toe-side

  • Surf board strapless






After a lot of time analyzing RIDERS, which said independent, most of them had a big lack of information and attitude regarding safety.  


Before continue it is important to understand that security is a broader issue in kitesurfing, ranging from knowledge of the winds, settlement of risk to equipment.  


Thus the MH kitesurf school developed a course geared especially for RIDERS who want to understand and reduce the risks during the practice of the sport.

Subjects discussed during the course


  • wind direction and characteristics

  • effect of wind in obstacles

  • analysis of weather conditions for sailing

  • Assessment Risk

  • lauching and landing

  • Equipment: kite, bar, board and Harness

  • Safety equipement

  • Rights of way

approximately 2h30 of class

During the practice of the course we will:


  • Equipment ajustment, conditions and safety system

  • How to set up your equipment correctly

  • How to launch your kite on the safe way. how to chose which side of the wind window and why

  • Self Rescue - how it work


** 3 course hours.